Strategic Direction

Facilitate Strategic Partnerships

  • Collaborative relationships with strong strategic partners to position Karitane as a thought leader, program innovator and trusted the provider of parenting services
  • Create a Strategic Partnership Blue Print (SPBP) to prioritise and guide partnership strategy development and implementation
  • Develop business plans based on SPBP priorities to support the investment and development of key partnerships
  • Support and review the Partnership Manager progress to SPBP
  • Align marketing and product development to the SPBP


Refine Systems and Structure

  • An organisational culture that values innovation, governance and performance orientation, supported by systems that are capable of supporting the delivery of best practice services and programs
  • Develop and maintain a Workforce Plan to guide the acquisition and deployment of staff
  • Develop and maintain a Talent Plan
  • Develop and implement a Triage Process to assess and stream all services
  • Establish an Intellectual Property Protection Regime
  • Implement and Monitor Culture Change Processes
  • Create and maintain regular recognition and reward programs
  • Develop and implement a Client Service Evaluation Process
  • Implement Clinical Governance Processes
  • Review and enhance the WHS & Risk Management Programs
  • IT Systems Review


Enhance Financial Sustainability

  • Diversified funding built on a broad and sustainable base, supported by an effective allocation of investments and an organisation wide accountable budgeting process
  • Develop an annual investment plan to prioritise product and service development for Board approval
  • Develop and implement a Board approved annual budget process
  • Identify and implement a business case approval and implementation program
  • Develop and implement a program/service cost analysis process to establish clear benchmarks
  • Conduct a financial review of all facilities and programs to determine optimum utilisation of Karitane’s resources (Clinical Services Plan)


Position Products and Services

  • Products and services that are leading edge, positioned as Karitane branded that have national and inter national recognition as professional and highly innovative
  • Develop a detailed marketing plan that includes a brand hierar chy and positioning strategy, as well as product and program management plans
  • Implement a Product and Program Review Process
  • Establish a Karitane Research Centre
  • Leverage Technology to Optimise Program and Product Delivery
  • Prioritise Product and Program Innovation
  • Develop and market Educational Programs for Parenting Services


Strengthen Leadership

  • A leadership culture that is dynamic and goal oriented, and treats Karitane’s people with respect and dignity in order to support the delivery of innovative high quality services
  • Develop a clear set of leadership values to guide the formation of a Karitane culture based on accountability and responsibility
  • Identify an appropriate leadership training program and prioritise leader training
  • Implement a 360 leadership performance evaluation process to guide leadership development
  • Develop and implement an organisation wide performance manageme nt process to set goals, measure outcomes and reward success
  • Identify and implement a Governance Review process for directors and the Board

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